Summer Conferences

June 8-12 (virtual/on demand): Moderating BIO 2020 Panel. "Convergence of Health and Tech, Personalizing Medicine Beyond the Imaginable," featuring:

  • Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA;
  • Ray Deshais, SVP Amgen;
  • Shahram Ebadollahi, Global Head of Data Science and AI, Novartis
  • Peter Lee, Corporate VP, Microsoft Healthcare, Microsoft
  • Chad Robbins, CEO and Co-Founder, Adaptive Biotechnologies

June 10 (virtual): Moderating Harvard/DBMI Precision Medicine 2020 Panel. "How Do We Scale Up - And What Is The Path To Industrialization," featuring:

  • Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA
  • Arnaub Chatterjee, SVP, AcornAI/Medidata
  • Amy DuRoss, Co-Founder and CEO, Vineti
  • Anupam Jena, Ruth L. Newhouse Associate Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School

June 30 (virtual): "Artificial Intelligence in Regulated Industries: Comparing Experiences in the Life Sciences and Financial Sectors." Panel discussion (register here) organized by Sidley Law (Washington, D.C.). Featuring:

  • Kate Heinzelman, Partner, Sidley (focus: privacy, cybersecurity, healthcare)
  • Nathan Greene, Partner, Sidley (focus: investment funds)
  • and me.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving innovation across industries and, in particular, in the life sciences. Will these technologies be the subject of targeted regulation? And if so, how? The FDA, among others, has acknowledged that the traditional paradigm for regulating devices was not designed with these technologies in mind. We will discuss what we can learn by comparing regulators’ approaches to these technologies across these two highly regulated sectors as well as how might they develop differently and how innovation might shape the law in this area and vice versa.

ICYMI... First Quarter 2020:

January 11-12: East/West CEO Conference, Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco, CA (AI/Biopharma session)

January 21-24: Precision Medicine World Conference, Santa Clara, CA (AI/Data Science Track, Jan 22)

Read my key take-aways here.

February 13-14: Wharton Healthcare Business Conference, Philadelphia, PA (Fireside chat with Dr. Amy Abernethy, FDA)

Read my key take-aways here.

March 29-31: AI and Big Data in Cancer Conference, Boston, MA (Organizing Committee; focus - biopharma session)

This nice blog on the upcoming conference by Melanie Tucker includes some of my ingoing perspective.


Fireside Chat With...

Photos from Wharton Healthcare Business Conference

... Dr. Amy Abernethy